MAN TGX-TG2 470 D2676 Sound Pack 1.49

MAN TGX-TG2 470 D2676 Sound Pack 1.49


-extremely detailed engine sound recorded every 100 rpms in 4+1 channel format
-each interior switch, stick and warning tone recorded from the real truck
-many brand-new features have been implemented
-multi-directional soundscape
-dynamic idle sound
-dynamic air compressor sound
-warning tones when turning off the engine
-multiple sound samples for one sound event
-air sounds when engaging/disengaging the parking brake
-multiple sounds that are triggered only in certain driving situations
-many details such as relais sounds in the interior
-every sound placed to the correct 3D-position
-ZF Traxon gearbox + retarder sounds
-custom sound attenuation



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