Krone Box Liner eLTU5 Plus Rework by Smaen 1.48

Krone Box Liner eLTU5 Plus Rework – 45ft chassis, ownable containers and more!

This mod adds a new 45ft chassis, a rear mounted option for 20ft containers, ownable containers (use the trailer as a standard dryvan or reefer trailer), dolly options (Tyllis, VAK and Närko by Kast) and a B-Double (VAK V-Slider by Kast), and plenty of customisation!

Loads of taillights (all options from Sogard’s Profi, plus some custom options for rear fog and reverse lights (LHD and RHD), as well as a new option for round lights). Three options for skinable license plates, standard EU, UK and double Spanish plates, as well as the stock license plate. Stock fenders, Parloks and painted Parloks. Various options for reflective tape on the back and side, white and yellow for the side, yellow and red for the back. ADR plates, paintable mudflap, and more!

The mod replaces the stock Krone Box Liner model.


-Updated the mod to work with ETS2 1.48.x
-Fixed some other minor issues

27 MAY 2023 [1.2.2]:
I did fix some other errors related to ownable containers that I missed.
If you still have issues after updating, please check if you have any mod conflicts and double check you have all mods included. You may screenshot your mod load order and I can check for you if you are unsure.


25 MAY 2023 [1.2.0]:

Updated the mod to work with ETS2 1.47 (Närko and Tyllis dolly addons have not received updates, but should still function with the latest version)
Fixed some other minor issues
Added all standard, high cube, reefer and open top containers from Arnook’s mod as ownable. No new containers have made skinable, but you can now select all the skins from his mod.
Some icons have been updated and changed (most accessories still do not have proper icons though)
VAK addon has been updated and now includes a set of HCT combos (B-triple)
Note that there may be some minor issues in the mod, but nothing should affect functionality


Sogard3, for his amazing Krone Profi Liner mod, which serves as a base for this rework.
Kast, for his excellent trailer mods, as well as Parlok fenders and some of the taillights included for the Box Liner.
Axelrol, for taillights, flares and license plate models.
Everyone else who contributed to Sogard’s Profi Liner mod, even if your work is not directly included here, you took part in making a mod that I couldn’t do without in the creation of this!
Arnook, for his fantastic container mod.
MDModder and JUseeTV for their contribution to the container pack.
SCS and Krone for the base Krone Box Liner trailer
And me, Smaen

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