Remtec Tanker v 1.5 for ETS2 +Template 1.49.x

Remtec Tanker for ETS2 +Template 1.46.x

Remtec Tanker envelope from ATS to ETS2 (Master_Yoda)

Premium class tanker, for the transportation of especially dangerous goods.

Mod features:

Full Envelope 3D Model from ATS to ETS2.
Made mod optimization for ETS2 (no errors).
The total volume of the tanker during loading is 47 tons.
Sold in the property in the dealer of modifications of trailers – REMTEC.
Completely autonomous.
Advanced tuning.
Has 3 chassis
3 types of tanks – aluminum, chrome and painting.
Registered own cargo.
It is intended for transportation of various, flammable fuels and lubricants materials.
The tank has support for painting and skins.
There is a template for skins, in DDS format.
There is an animation of cables, supports and an advanced hitch.
Cleaned the log in the game up to 100% (percent)
Enabled support – MULTIPLAYER in convoy mode in ETS2.

Last changes:

– Replaced the wheels with a more realistic version;
– New wheels: (1 Goodyear and 2 Michelin) – without tuning;
– Added a pack of skins – 15 items

Updated sockets for connecting cables. (Blender 3D)
Replaced wheels with a more realistic version.
New wheels: (1 Goodyear and 2 Michelin) – without tuning.
Added pack of skins – 15 items (separate mod)
Work under multiplayer – guaranteed!
Test on ETS2 version: 1.46.x
Will also work on ETS2 version – 1.47.x+

Attention! The tanker is only designed to work in ETS2 1.46 and higher.


Authors: Ben Sigouin; SMRS.
Author of adaptation for ETS2: @Master_Yoda@.
The author of the envelope from ATS to ETS2: @Master_Yoda@.

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