Trailer Cement Mixer by Antonio62 1.47

Trailer Cement Mixer by Antonio62 v1.47

This is a concrete mixer trailer that can be transported with all ETS 2 trucks and can be purchased at trailer dealers. The trailer has three axles and the concrete mixer turns out to be rotating! In fact it is equipped with animation. The animation is active whether the truck is off or the engine is running.

It has five different colors of the rotating part of the mixer that can be selected when configuring the trailer at the trailer dealership.

Even the frame of the concrete mixer has several preset colors and you have the option to choose a custom color. It is also possible to change the tires and rims.

To install copy the file in the mod folder and activate in the profile.

You will find the new trailer in the configurator of owned trailers, under CIFA section

In case you wish to remove the mod, it is best to first sell all the trailers belonging to it.

Successfully tested on version 1.47


Author: Antonio62, Peppe75
Tester: Baltazar

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