DAF NTT by XBS v 1.5.2 1.48.x

DAF NTT by XBS v1.0 1.39.x


Standalone truck, Sold in DAF Dealer shop.
No details from other games or mods.
Model and additional details created in the 3d editor for this truck.

version ETS2 1.40 – 1.48.5

3 cabins
2 chassis
-2 Engines
-2 Transmissions
Your own interior
Its engines and gearbox
Your own sound
Sold in DAF

Day Cab
Sleeper Cab
Custom Sleeper Cab

NTT 6×4 4900
NAT 6×4 5360

DAF 2826 DKA 1160 (250-397 hp)
DAF 3326 DKX 1160 (345 hp)

ZF 16S-130
ZF 16S-160

Changes 1.5.2
-Updated mod to 1.48.x
Also works for 1.48.5.x

Changes 1.5.1
-Updated truck data
-Updated interior lighting
-Refresh models
-Adapted for 1.47

– fixed dealer
– updated models
– updated gps defs
– rebuilded mod


xbs, scs

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