DAF XF 106 530 Ragnar Hulshof V.I.P. v 11.0 1.48.x

DAF XF 106 530 Ragnar Hulshof V.I.P. v11.0 1.48.x

This mod itself consists:

– A truck and Schmitz refrigerated semi-trailer
– Has a very high detail
– The highest quality baking of a 3D model
– Its own wheels
– Flarepack light masks
– High quality shadows
– The original tuning corresponding to the style and real truck

Mod fully updated to new 1.48 game patch, multiplayer Convoy ready


Nikola Trucks

2.8/5 - (6 votes)

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zip DAF_XF106_530_Ragnar_Hulshof_by_Nikola_Trucks_open 1 GB
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