Fiat 682 N2-T2+Trailer 1.49

Fiat 682 N2-T2 ETS2 1.44

Fiat 682n2 year 1955

The package includes the Fiat 682n2 truck complete with:

2 cabins.
3 frames 4×2.4x2t, 6×4
5 engines.
3 broadcasts.
2 internal model.
animated windows.
sound FMOD.
BDF trailer, semi trailer
-FMOD Sounds
-DLC Toys & SiSL accessories supported

-Mod adapted for 1.49

-Updated models
-Fixed gps
-Rebuilded mod


sound FMOD.
Truck mod author: Antonio62
Author mod trailer: Antonio62
Transmission engine author and settings: PikPikker
GameTester: Baltazar
Technical support: Ravoledo

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