MAZ 504b / 515b 1.46.x

MAZ 504B-515B v4.5 Template 1.32.x

MAZ 504B-515B v4.5 Template 1.32.x

– Independent
– Spelled out in a separate slots Motor MAN.
– Four cabins
– Two salons
– Three chassis
– His sound
– His whees and tires
– Four engines
– Tree gearbox
– Your Tuning
– Support SISL`s accessories
– Added to the gallery and a company truck!
– Adapted more than – 21 skin for both trucks!
– Added the template to the cab for the skins!
– All textures converted trucks in high quality!!!
– All textures of the skins are converted into high quality!!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since there is a sound format change from last version sell old truck version and disable it from mod manager before enable this updated mod.

NOTE: Sell and disable old truck and trailer versions before turning on these new ones! Unzip the archive with RAR or 7-zip (2 files from the archive) into the mods folder. Connect the trailer file above the truck.


Trucks are not designed for the transportation of heavy oversized cargo, since the maximum cargo capacity is not more than from 20 to 32 tons!!!


– This modification is based on MAZ-504 from Fox071rus.
– Authors: Fox071rus, Stas556, Kriechbaum, Kosa6414, Maximix93, Koral.
– The author of this modification: Prime044.
– Adaptation author: Kamazist_1980.

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