Scania Lion 164L V8 Special Megamod+Trailer 1.49.x

Scania Lion 164L V8 Special Megamod+Trailer 1.48.x

Truck Features

There are 88 Options+Slots in the truck.
Full 3D Detailed Exterior Model (GM Professional Models)
4K Ao Bake
Replaceable Template.(4K)
Orange Headlight Def Low Beam+High Beam
Stock+Dutch+Greek+Holland+Sweden Tuning Slots
Special Marvelous Light Flares
Side Pipe + Hill exhaust sounds.(3 Pcs.) Stock + Tuned
Realistic Power and Physics Settings
Alcoa Wheels, Quality Tires and Dynamic Eagle(SCANİA Est1988) Hub
Details of1998
Pahæng Table + A Lot Of Stickers
Whistle+Stock(Original) Horn Options
Hook Sports Protector For Exhibition.

Trailer Features

27 Slots Stock+Tuned
Schmitz FCP245 Special Trailer Model Detailed 3D
4k Changeable Template
Detailed Alcoa Tire and Rim
the actual size mass and weight

İnterior Features

–1998 Edition Special Full 3D İnterior Detailed
–Sport Tuned Light+Dark Cream İnterior
2 Bone 1 Sport+1 Stock Steering Wheel (4 PCS)
3 Color Ultra Colorize Neon`s Bright Red+Purble+Sportline Blue
13 Color carefully manufactured cabin light
Special GM Style Women
Changeable 2 GPS
improved interior cabin key lights.


-Compatibility & updated for 1.49
-Bugs fixes
-Updated obsolete defs and model pmg’s
-Updated dashboard_color and backlights


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