1000 QuickSilver Per Daily Mission (4X QS)

1000 QuickSilver Per Daily Mission (4X QS)

Exactly what the title says!

This mod makes it so your daily Quicksilver Mission gives 1000 Quicksilver instead of 250.

I saw often people complaining about not having Weekend Quicksilver missions anymore – and while I haven’t YET discovered a way to add them back specifically for the weekend, I have made the normal value 1000. You can just install the Mod on Friday and take it back out on Monday if you really want to try to replicate the Weekend missions again, and I can make a 1200 Value version as well.

I chose 1000 Quicksilver to try to keep it balanced but I’m open to making other versions if enough people ask – let me know what yall think of this. If you want other values, and how the mod works for you.

This Mod edits


Anything editing these files will likely conflict; and you should merge them together or contact me and I can do it for you.

Feel free to contact me here or on Discord for any reason, I am always very interested to new Mod ideas, and I am open to custom requests for mods.
Discord: Tyler Bravo#0072



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