Reduced Mission Cooldowns – Visions

Reduced Mission Cooldowns – Visions

This mod reduces all of the Base Computer and Scientist mission cooldowns to 5 minutes. This is intended for those who want to start over, but are disheartened by these timers.

There is also an alternative version that reduces all of Polo’s mission cooldowns on the Space Anomaly to 30 minutes.
(Both versions are sweeping changes, so the longer default cooldowns which were several hours are also reduced to the same amount of time.)

Only install one version.

There seems to be a bug that can occur with the medium refiner mission from the base computer (computer not giving you the medium refiner blueprint), this is not related to the mod and seems to be on HG’s end. I’m not sure of the exact reason, but there are a few of threads (containing potential fixes) about this issue on Reddit/Steam Forums.

Files edited are:

Alternative version is all the above and:



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