Lucid Lush

Lucid Lush

Lucid Lush

Lucid Lush

This mod edits the lush planet color palette to retain some stock colors but add some more vivid hues for more exciting lush worlds.

Because Green/Yellow/Red on every lush world was getting very boring.

This can cause some very Dr.Seuss like planets that can get really annoying, If you’re finding these to be too much i recommend also running By Gorre9090. It’ll tone things down a little and also spread my palette to other biomes, giving each a chance at just a little bit more variety in color.


1. Extract contents of RAR file to desired location
2. Drag LucidLush.X.pak into your “No Mans Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS” folder
3. Remove or rename DISABLEMODS.txt in PCBANKS folder

To Update remove old file version and replace with newest version.

*NOTICE* Will conflict with any mod that edits “LUSHCOLOURPALETTES.MBIN”


Version 1.0 Initial Release


ATaXiA a.k.a Armageddonv2

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