NMS Mod Builder

NMS Mod Builder

A one-stop solution for researching and creating NMS mods using C#.
View game and mod pak file items, without having to extract to disk or decompile, the app does it in-memory and on-demand.
Use C# to create scripts that query game and mod data, and|or modify game data to create new mod pak files.

See GitHub project site for documentation, including install and startup instructions: NMSModBuilder


Automatically detects normally installed Steam and GoG game instances.
Optionally select game instance using folder browser dialog, for non-standard installs.
View MBINCompiler|libMBIN Enums, Classes, Fields.
Select NMS language to view all language ID’s and their localized values.
View all substances, products, and technologies – ID, icon, localized names.
View all refiner and cooking recipes – ID’s, icons, localized names.
View all game and mod pak items without having to unpack or decompile anything – it’s all done on-demand in-memory.
Specialized viewers for common pak item types e.g. .mbin, .dds, .xml, .cs, .lua, … .
Side-by-side views of game & mod pak items, with built-in differ for text-based views.
Use C# to create query scripts that search game and mod pak items.
Use C# to create mod scripts that modify pak items.
Compile, enable, and execute mod scripts to create modified pak items, save the modified pak items in new mod pak files.
Includes a number of query and mod scripts to get you started.

Some of the included mod scripts (easily adjustable values, easily enable only those you want to use):

Increase base radius, wire lengths, extractor and power rates and storage limits, …
Adjust C,B,A,S class probabilities for poor, average, wealthy systems (e.g. ships, multitools).
Enable all creatures to become pets, enable all creatures to be ridable.
Adjust frequency of freighter battles.
Adjust C,B,A,S class probabilities for freighter tech quality.
Increase freighter warp distance.
Reduce negative penalties for frigates.
Remove camera shake effects.
Adjust stack sizes, current script sets max stack size to 100,000 for everything.
Make all upgrades install with maximum bonus’.
Remove lower-right notifications, shorten display time for other notifications.
Make all portal runes known, make portal buttons no-cost.
Adjust reward locations and chances for star charts, add portal as possible ancient chart location.
Make ship salvage terminals placeable anywhere e.g. in bases or right beside crashed ships.
Auto-mark various locations e.g. crashed ships, portals, when you get within range.
Remove bloom and star twinkle effect, make space darker.
Increase interaction and teleport distance between player and ship.
Make all ship weapons auto-aim.
Ship hover.
Increase spawn chance for royals, or increase number of royals per system.
Adjust asteroid spacing.
Make water clearer.
Many adjustments when starting a new game:
Random suit, ship, multitool.
Specify min|max starting distance to ship.
Specify starting units, nanites, quicksilver.
Specify number of inventory slots for suit, ship, multitool.
Easily add starting items to various inventories, many already defined.
Specify known tech and products.


Chris Kushnir

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