Quick-menu Icons Replacement V1.1

Quick-menu Icons Replacement V1.1

I was a annoyed by the inconsistencies in the quick-menu icons: The mix of symbolic white icons and colorful images, drawings that don’t really describe their function, and why is the same function of toggling between 1st & 3rd person view has different icons in three places? (sorry, personal rant).
Anyway, I decided a little unity was needed, replaced a few icons and drew some others. hope you enjoy the result 🙂

Copy the PAK file to [{NMS Installation Folder}\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS], create the MODS folder if it doesn’t exist, and rename/delete DISABLEMODS.TXT file if it exists.

Game version
– 3.85+

– Little risk of conflicts here.



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zip Quick-menu Icons-1-1 212 KB
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