Cut Dialogue Restoration and Enhancement V2.1

Cut Dialogue Restoration and Enhancement

Although there are lots of cut lines, I focused on the ambient combat lines for now. You may have noticed if you played Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, or V that the protagonists talk a fair bit in combat. With Cut Dialogue Restoration & Enhancement 1.0 the combat taunts found in other Rockstar titles are restored and implemented naturally into the game. On top of that, when you whip draft horses attached to wagons more aggressive lines that were previously cut are now restored.

More lines will be restored with each version!

However, now you can have a more lively combat experience complete with yelling and trash-talk!

Includes high and low honor variants, singular or multiple target variants, close and far range variants, and respective law variants!

Plus More!

The dialogue from this mod is fully animated and works exactly like standard ambient lines. This has the following effects, they can’t play over top of other ambient lines, they can be interrupted, and further dialogue can’t be triggered until the current line completes. Effectively lines produced by the mod behave identically to the unmodded game’s voice lines.

Requires: RDR2 Script Hook

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