Mission Completion Themes V1.0

Mission Completion Themes V1.0

Adds back mission completion themes with multiple variants to choose from.

Tired of the lackluster sensation of completing a mission without any auditory fanfare? Look no further.

This mod adds new Mission Completion themes, there are 3 variants (Note that this isn’t just a single theme, but each variant contains at least 12+ sounds that get randomized after every mission)

1. BETA Mission Completion Themes:
Experience the early days of Red Dead Redemption 2’s development with these nostalgic tunes.

2. Original Red Dead Redemption Completion Themes:
The atmosphere of the first game with its iconic completion melodies.

3. Stinger Mission Completion Themes:
The pure thrill of victory.

AB’s RDR2 ScriptHook

Drop the MissionSounds folder and the .asi into your RDR2 root folder

Make sure to turn off “Log Notifications” in the display setting or you’ll still get the old sound!
The mission themes *might* sometimes conflict with other sounds or stingers (a couple of missions have unique ones) unfortunately this is a limitation of the mod, might get fixed in the future.



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