1899 Loadouts V1.0

1899 Loadouts V1.0

Changes pretty much every NPC loadout, including lawmen, bounty hunter and special peds. This project aims to make every loadout historically accurate, I did a lot of research on what type of guns people used back in the 1890s and based my mod on it.

Law Loadouts:

Lawmen and criminals – shotguns.

Wagon guards –  shotguns.

Common lawmen – carbines, lancasters, revolvers, springfields, and double-barreled shotguns.

Law professionals – pump and lever shotguns, revolvers, repeaters, and unlocked sniper rifles.

Saint Denis police
– short schofields and sometimes double-actions for shortarms, and carbines or lancasters and double-barreled shotguns for longarms.

Blackwater police – double-actions or M1899s for shortarms, and lancasters or pump shotguns for longarms.

US army soldiers – bolt-action rifles or springfields and double-action revolvers.

Guarma soldiers – bolt-action rifles and brown cattleman or short black schofields as sidearms.

Guards – black cattleman as sidearms.

Annesburg guards – custom lancasters or repeating shotguns in bad condition, with a small chance of litchfields, along with black cattleman or short black schofields.

Gang Loadouts:

Lemoyne raiders –  rifles and repeaters, avoiding double-actions and favoring custom old-fashioned cattlemans and schofields.

Odriscolls and some other criminals – repeaters or double-barreled shotguns, with black or brown cattleman or sometimes sawed-off shotguns as sidearms.

Brontes – blued steel and pearl grip cattlemans, doubleactions, short schofields, and M1899s, along with lancasters with blued frames.

Murfrees – custom double-barreled shotguns, sawed-off shotguns, cattlemans, and short schofields.

Del Lobos – all repeaters, bolt-action rifles, and various handguns like cattleman, doubleaction, mauser, and volcanic.

Laramies – lancasters with white steel, bolt rifles, shotguns, and pistols and revolvers.

Skinners – rifles and sometimes repeaters, along with revolvers or sawed-off shotguns.

Grays and Braithwates – lancasters and double-barrel shotguns, along with revolvers.

Neutral Factions:

Hunters – springfields.
Travelling farmers – 2-barrel shotguns, springfields, or varmints.
Townsfolk – various cattleman variations.
Indian Natives – bows, springfields, or spencers.


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