Auto Challenges V1.0

Auto Challenges

This mod will automatically complete all challenges for you.
(For best results don’t install it until after you unlock deadeye in Chapter 1: Old Friends)

Install the mod and load up your save, doesn’t matter if you have completed any challenges or not, just stand there and watch all challenges get completed one by one (Let Arthur enjoy a cigar or something because it’ll take a minute or two).


The only challenge the mod won’t complete for you is ‘Master Hunter 10’, you will have to kill the Legendary Panther yourself.
You can go hunt the Legendary Panther as soon as you finish Hosea’s Legendary Bear mission.
You can install this mod at any point in your playthrough however note that if you start a new game with the mod installed, you’ll have to play a couple of missions before the challenges become available.
Also because you get bonus experience to your Health, Stamina & Deadeye I suggest you install the mod only after you unlock deadeye in the prologue (after the mission ‘Old Friends’ in which you go kill some God damn O’driscolls) otherwise you’ll miss on the xp.
Survivalist challenges are locked until you unlock fishing (after you go fishing with Jack) so these challenges won’t get completed until right after you finish that mission, as soon as you’re back at camp they’ll start getting completed one by one.
You can safely uninstall the mod after the challenges are completed or at any time you want. The challenges will stay completed.

Lenny’s Mod Loader is Required to use this mod.
Copy ‘Challenges’ folder into ‘lml’ folder.



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