Combat Taunts Lite V1.1

Combat Taunts Lite V1.1

This simple mod, makes the player taunt enemies and lawmen during combat. It is similar to Cut Dialogue Restoration and Enhacement, but this mod only restores combat taunts and nothing else. It was tailored for my personal use and I decided to publish it for anyone who wants it, instead of keeping it buried on my computer.

✓ 45-second cooldown between taunts, the player will not spam it every couple seconds
✓ The mod plays a different dialogue according to the following conditions:
– Distance between the player and the enemy
– Enemy count
– Occupation: lawmen or civilian
✓ Dialogue rarely plays if the enemy is not in your field of view (to not break immersion during stealth moments)
✓ Disabled during missions, to not overlap with mission dialogue
✓ Simple code, nothing fancy. Easy on performance
✓ No obnoxious “missed target” dialogue that plays even if you hit your target

❌ Due to the high cooldown between taunts, and the mentioned conditions 👆🏻, some people may feel the character doesn’t talk enough during combat
❌ Does not play different dialogue based on low or high honor. As I said, this mod was made for my personal use and I find the high honor taunts to be too cheesy, so I only included the low honor ones
❌ Not compatible with Cut Dialogue Restoration and Enhacement, combat lines will overlap

How to install the mod?
Download Scripthook if you haven’t already, and move the .asi file to your game’s root directory



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