Eco – Definitive Wildlife Overhaul V1.0

Eco - Definitive Wildlife Overhaul

As the name suggests this mod attempts to completely rework the wildlife in RDR2, many aspects have been touched such as species behavior, scavengers, spawn amount, animal detection range, bait range and some more

Species relationship has been changed so now you may see snakes biting rabbits, wolves attacking prey animals like deer, alligators being a little more active etc.

Spawn amount is increased but not by much. The goal here was to give the wildlife a behavioral makeover, not just blindlessly increase each value

Habitat (state area) plays a better role in determining which animal spawn where, you might encounter different wildlife in forests, plains, swamps, and mountains, each with its own unique behavior

Hunting also received an update, albeit small, prey animals will react much faster, crouching near bushes is not enough to catch them off guard. You will find yourself having to use long scoped rifles more often, as it is in real life

Install: download Lenny’s mod loader and extract the contents of the zip inside the lml folder

Bugs are to be expected as this is my first mod and the amount of files I had to edit is quite large, if you find anything odd please let me know in the comments.



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