Enhanced Wildlife V1.1

Enhanced Wildlife V1.1

This mod is designed to significantly improve the wildlife experience in the game. It introduces a range of enhancements to various aspects of animal behavior and interaction.

Key features include:

Improved Animal Behaviors:
• Wandering behavior among herd animal,contributing to a more dynamic ecosystem
• Likelihood of bird landing and resting on the ground
• Cohesion within flock and herd
• Duration of animal observation before perceiving the player as threat
• Feeding behavior, with animal searching longer and farther for food and water sources
• Overall animal scenario, including a greater variety of action such as resting, sleeping, and hunting
• Animal detection of hunters, increasing the dificulty of prey and predator encounter

Spawn Rate Enhancements:
• Increased spawn rates for all type of wildlife, including aquatic, flying, and ground animal
• Expanded range for bird spawn

Scavenger System:
• Refined scavenger system, allowing predator animal to more efficiently consume carcass.

Mod installation requires lml. Just extract the zip and put “WildlifeEnhancement” inside your lml folder



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