Honest Brawls and Finite Response V1.2

Honest Brawls and Finite Response

Two small mods in one handy download! The first “legalises” insulting and brawling with people, so you won’t become wanted for disturbing the peace or unarmed assault. The second limits the law response to your criminal activities.

This is a simple pair of mods that I made for myself, but I thought others may also enjoy. Each is installed separately so you can use either or both.

Honest Brawls – This makes the act of insulting people, knocking them down, and brawling with them honest and legal. You will no longer be reported for the “crimes” of disturbing the peace or unarmed assault, and you can do both right under the nose of a lawman without fear of any bounty or jail time. (Though you shouldn’t do either to the lawman himself, or you will suffer their wrath!)

Finite Response – This makes the law response to your crimes finite, as opposed to infinite. In other words, you will no longer face never-ending waves of lawmen while in the red search radius. If you manage to defeat the initial response plus a few waves of reinforcements, the search will end as if “evaded” and you can continue on your way. (Note that this does not prevent further witnesses reporting your crimes, triggering a new response. However, wiping out all the local lawmen will make the reporting of crimes rather more difficult for people…)


Both mods require Lenny’s Mod Loader (LML) to work.
You can find it using the following link: Lenny’s Mod Loader
Script Hook RDR2


These mods will not be compatible with any other mod that changes the same files. Check the mod folders to find out which files these are.



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