Law Overhaul Project V1.0

Law Overhaul Project V1.0

Overhauls the law system to get rid of scripting and introduce a more realistic algorithm. Full list of features:

Minor crimes are no longer a concern, allowing you to operate freely without drawing lawman attention

Wilderness crimes do not get you wanted

Engage in train robberies without immediate repercussions

Bounty Hunter:
Dogs are less likely to accompany bounty hunters, making it easier to evade capture

At higher bounties, lawmen with higher health and more accuracy will hunt you down

Witness encounters are limited to one per cooldown period, giving you more control

Lawmen are now more skilled and competent, posing a greater challenge

Pinkerton perfect accuracy is disabled, now they shoot like normal lawman

Each gang now has distinct combat behaviors, adding depth to encounters with rival factions

NPC visibility and hearing are affected by environmental factors such as nightfall, rain, and sandstorms, adding tactic to stealth

Lawmen no longer respawn indefinitely; eliminating all pursuers ends the chase, rewarding skilled evasion tactics

Encounter specialized adversaries like Wapiti Warriors in Ambarino and the U.S. Army in Cumberland Forest, enriching the diversity of law enforcement

Loadout and Health:
Lawmen have slightly increased health and carry more powerful weapons, providing a greater challenge

Dispatched lawmen wield rifles and shotguns, while Pinkertons and U.S. Marshals carry pistols as their sidearms

NPC adversaries wield different types of revolvers, adding variety to combat encounters.


Put “Law Overhaul Project” in your lml!

Not compatible with other law mods such as Crime Rebalance and LAW!



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