Longer Weathercycles V1.0

Longer Weathercycles V1.0

This mod will make Weather cycles last roughly 4x times longer.
Its designed to be used with the Timescale mod by wickedhorseman
Its a vanilla friendly mod because its a config file change. This means Rockstars weather system is working as it should be

– Includes personaly edited realistic region temperature overhaul
– No bugs that im aware of
– compatible with all mods
– Supreme TAA settings by myself
– Realistic but beautiful night sky
– Extendend shadow parameters

Be aware that their are multiple triggers in this game that will start a weather cycle change. its impossible to remove them yet.
these include but are not limited to:
– Going near or into camp.
– Going near any town.
– Traveling to a new region (for example from grizzlys to heartlands)
– Autosaving the game
– Fast traveling
– Starting a mission
– Going near mission markers

– You need Lenny’s modloader and any asiloader
– drag the “Longer Weathercycles” folder into your lml folder in the RDR2 install directory
– to use with other mods like Vestigia, just overwrite their mod with my files (global folder only not install.xml).

– TAA on High
– Water Refraction on High
– Parralax Occlusion Mapping on High
– SSAO on Medium
– Upscale of x1.25 if you play on 1080p
– Unlocked Raymarch Resolution
– Unlocked Fullscreen SSAO



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