1. Tweaked some of the explosions to be more realistic:

-dynamite sticks have a lower aoe but do more damage / volatile dynamite are increase by 25%
-molotovs have a smaller aoe / volatile molotovs have a 2x of that
-exploding bullets do 20% of the dynamite stick stats
-dynamite arrows do 25% of the dynamite stick stats
-lantern explosions are lowered and the camera shake removed

2. Changed some of the smoke, explosions and ground FX to look more realistic:
-exploding bullets will leave a smoke cloud

3.All body parts can be dismembered if close enough to center of the explosion (max was 1 or 2 body parts)

-place the “WickedHorseMan” folder inside the lml folder: /RDR2/lml/WickedHorseMan/
-place “replace” folder in the lml folder: /RDR2/lml/replace/


Modifiver for some of the strings

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