Nou Visuals – Lighting And Atmospheric Overhaul V1.0

Nou Visuals - Lighting And Atmospheric Overhaul V1.0

Visual and Atmospheric overhaul inspired by the Seventh generation of console video games and their art-style.

The purpose of this mod is to give RDR2 a very distinctive and stylized look; from Teal Nights to Golden Middays (PS3 piss filter),
Nou Visuals intends to recreate the exaggerated colors and atmosphere found in games from the late 2000’s and early 2010’s.

This mod is NOT intended to look realistic, mimic real life, or respect RDR2’s original art style in any fashion, it is merely the sum of my own personal taste and inspiration from older video games.

Bug reports such as: “The sun is pitch black, genius” I will happily and quickly look into them.
Bug reports such as: “The sun is too yellow, genius” I will not be looking into.

To Install, simply drop the folder titled “Nouveill’s Visuals” into your LML folder found in the RDR2 directory.

Heart Plains – Big Trees and Autumn Vegetation -Not required at all, but highly recommended with my visual mod!



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