R.E.R.O (Realistic Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul) V1.0

R.E.R.O (Realistic Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul) V1.0

This mod makes the ragdoll and euphoria much more realistic. This is in very early stages of development, so don’t expect much.
I’ve been testing it for a few days now and I think it’s turning out very well and I thought it was time to share it with the community.

-NPCs stumble less and fall more directly, which makes it very realistic.
-NPCs writhe in pain when you shoot them too many times
-Bullet damage is much more realistic
-the balance is perfect they do not stand for long
-Falling is better for both the NPC and the player.

I would recommend that you combine the mod with
Ped Damage Overhaul (the one compatible with euphoria)



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rar R.E.R.O euphoria mod-1-0 51 KB
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