Realistic Explosions V1.0

Realistic Explosions V1.0

Reworks damage, smoke, visual effects and other dynamite/projectile data to make them more realistic and therefore believable.

Dynamite sticks: blast radius meticulously calibrated to achieve optimal eficiency in energy transfer, resulting in a more focused impact zone and damage potential, with an additional 40% damage increase

Molotovs: blast radius attenuated to achieve a refined spatial distribution of thermal energy, ensuring maximal surface coverage for incendiary effect. Volatile molotovs leverage a proprietary enhacement process to amplify this effect, gaining a 3x expansion in conflagration radius

Exploding bullets: ammo now incorporates micro-explosive charges, calibrated to deliver a controled release of kinetic energy upon impact. This design enables each bullet to unleash 35% of the detonative force typicaly associated with dynamite sticks

Dynamite arrows: now feature a payload delivery system optimized for explosive dispersal. Each arrow is imbued with the capability to deliver 25% of the explosive potential inherent in standard dynamite sticks, ensuring devastating impact at range

Extract the zip archive and put replace and the mod folder inside lml



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