Restored Ped Dialogue V1.1

Restored Ped Dialogue V1.1

Restores some unused ped dialogue and adds a flirt greet for female NPCs

Peds were supposed to recognize you’re a van der linde gang member based on your fame level, a feature that got removed from the final game, but the lines are still in the files so I restored them. They will say things like “You’re one of Dutch’s boys” spontaneously or when you greet them.

The mod also adds a “flirt” line for female NPCs, based on a few conditions: player is not muddy, bloody or wearing a strange outfit, and if the female NPC isn’t a rough traveller (added NPCs by Cowgirls). It’s also based on a 30% chance.

Install: Put “Restored Ped Dialogue” in your lml folder

Optional files
Merge: This version is a merge with the mod friendlier greets.



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