Saint Denis no longer has a mafia V1.0

Saint Denis no longer has a mafia V1.0

The mafia that was entrenched in Saint Denis in 1907 also disappeared with the death of Angelo Bronte

I have really been interested in Angelo Bronte’s mansion for a long time I have searched the entire network and finally found a way to delete NPCs. Therefore, it is recommended to use this mod after completing all main tasks

Otherwise, it may cause the game to crash

The mafia from Sicily will disappear with their leader Angelo Bronte in Saint Denis

In 1907, Angelo Bronte’s mansion will also be taken over by John Marston (I am currently working on this mod and plan to release it tomorrow)

I didn’t originally plan to delete the Mafia, but they have hostility towards players and attack them, so I had to delete them for the sake of Angelo Bronte’s mansion. Anyway, they are also optional for the game

Download and decompress the file and place it in the lml folder

Requires: A luxurious mansion located in Angelo Bronte Saint Denis



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