Armadillo expansion project enhanced edition V1.0

Armadillo expansion project enhanced edition V1.0

this mod is a REUPLOAD of 1mherbertm00n’s “armadillo expansion project” unfortunately he is no longer interested in making any more mods. however, via Email, I was able to contact him and get full permission for a reuploaded enhancement for his mod with active updates etc. so with that being said, ALL CREDIT TO 1mherberm00n FOR THIS MOD!!!


SDR1911’s reupload of 1mherbertm00n’s “armadillo expansion project.”

1. minor fixes and changes.
2. (optional file) Arthur’s GOOD honor grave for the coot’s chapel cemetery.
3. (optional file) Arthur’s BAD honor grave for the coot’s chapel cemetery.

1. minor fixes and changes.
2. a significant upgrade for the custom house.
3. a rather large update involving coot’s chapel.
4. some minor decorations here and there around the towns buildings.

this mod adds significantly more detail and quality to the bank and church in armadillo, sadly the two playable interiors were removed from the final version of the game. fortunately however, with the help of the open all interiors mod we are able to enter through a door instead of just no-clipping inside. (although is needed to enter the church, but not for the bank.) by doing so we find that the bank’s interior is at least 90 something% complete, and was obviously in the game’s beta.
where as the church is most likely around 10-15% done. most of my work will be in the church, as there is yet much work to be done with that.
with this mod you will be able to explore these interiors with more detail, making it feel more like the other banks and buildings we see in the game. also with the 0.3 update, those house ruins just outside of armadillo are now being rebuild!!! I have rebuilt one in 0.3 for some testing. id love some of your opinions on it in the comments.

version 0.5 of the bank adds things such as:
1. bank vault door interior
2. back vault exterior.
3. more wall lamps.
4. a large clock, similar to the large clocks we see in other banks.
5. vault room (requires no-clip)
6. an American flag just like in rdr1!

version 0.5 of the church adds things such as:
1. usable bed.
2. improved lighting.
3. finished walls.
4. writing desk.
5. additional lamps and lights.
6. a hitching post outside.
7. fixed back door being always open and clipping, I think…

OG author 1mherbertm00n’s custom structures include:
1. a small rebuild house with a roof (unfinished) and a table, and some little things here and there.

so far the church is not fully complete, and I have only finished the back room. I will most definitely update the large room as well and fix clipping doors and add some ambient peds. this should also work with the seats mod, haven’t tested that yet, but with that all being said please notify me of any found bugs. plenty more updates to come.

note: the interior lighting for the church and the bank is rather broken, and wind seems the leak through the walls of the church, although in future updates I hope to somehow fix this as well. and in the 0.4 update the roof to one of the rebuilt houses is incomplete.

Armadillo expansion project 0.7
Open All Interiors
Rampage Trainer



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