Colter overhaul V1.0

Colter overhaul V1.0

The RDR2 Colter Overhaul Mod breathes new life into the forgotten town of Colter. Nestled in the snowy wilderness, Colter now boasts vibrant changes that enhance both aesthetics and gameplay. Whether you’re a lone wanderer or part of a gang, prepare for a revitalized frontier

RDR2 Colter Overhaul Mod: Reviving a Forgotten Frontier!Colter Overhaul
IntroductionThe once desolate town of Colter now teems with life, thanks to the RDR2 Colter Overhaul Mod. This comprehensive mod breathes new vitality into the snowy wilderness, transforming Colter into a bustling hub. Whether you’re a lone wanderer seeking refuge or a curious explorer, prepare to rediscover this forgotten corner of the wild west.

Key Features:
1. Populated Town

The three empty “for sale” cabins in Colter have been meticulously transformed.
Each cabin now serves as a mostly functional, fully decorated house.
Available primarily during the epilogue, these houses offer shelter, loot, and crafting stations.

2. Custom Properties

Explore multiple custom properties around Colter:
Sleep comfortably in any bed.
Stock up on food, ammo, and supplies.
Wardrobe access (coming soon).

3. Natural Look and Feel

Inspired by RDR1’s safehouses, every detail blends seamlessly with the environment.
Working campfires at each house provide warmth and crafting opportunities.

4. Installation Instructions

file into your main RDR2 folder.
Place Colter Overhaul Mod.xml
into MapEditor\Maps in your main directory.
Press F5 and load the map.
Explore the revamped Colter!

Notes and Known Bugs

Avoid opening the map editor after loading the map to prevent animation issues.
Weather may briefly change to a sandstorm upon loading (it will normalize).
Chickens might escape (fix coming soon).



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