Nuevo Paraiso-Mexico mod WIP V0.1

Nuevo Paraiso-Mexico mod WIP V0.1

This mod remakes/remasters the Nuevo Paraiso portion of the map from rdr1 and brings it to rdr2. Comes with remade towns and peds to go along with them. Mod is Early Access and WIP. So if you have a problem with it, too bad lol.

Keep in mind this is heavily unfinished, many things still need to be added in / completedIf something DOESN’T look right or if something seems missing, that’s exactly the case. The only location I’d say is fully, 100% completed is Casa Madrugada. I’d recommend visiting that location first so you have an idea of what the remaining locations should aim to be like one day.

Script hook (obviously)
ASI loader (NOT OCU)
Up to date LML (make sure you’re using version 11, it’s important)
Rampage Trainer
Legal copy of the game, please for the love of god don’t complain about anything not working if you’re using some cracked version

(If for some reason you can’t use version.dll, the scripts won’t work. Just drag them from the scripts folder into your RDR2 directory and it’ll be fine.)

Before you install, make sure you go into your graphical settings in game and set the graphics API to Vulkan, as of now DirectX12 crashes with the models. This will get fixed later on when we have better support for custom models.


Mexico Team

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