Ain’t My First Rodeo- A Rodeo Hat Mod V1.0

Ain't My First Rodeo- A Rodeo Hat Mod V1.0

Replace Arthur’s Default Gambler Hat with a Black and Tan Rodeo Hat
Requires lml
AB’s ScriptHookRDR2

It still carries the leather texture and the black and tan colors. I cannot change the color of the hat, nor the texture at this time. I’m still learning and honestly don’t know much about modding ped and player files. However, I have plans to tinker with this mod and see if I can figure out how. My ultimate goal is to eventually add more colors and textures to this.

Also worth noting: When it comes to creating and sometimes even installing mods… I’m a pretty rank beginner. Most of that comes from (mostly) having to teach myself. I’m extremely limited in what I am able to actually accomplish. However, I finally got the first step of changing Arthur’s hat, and I wanted to share it for the folks like me, who just wanted a cowboy game with a decent cowboy hat.



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File File size
rar Aint My First Rodeo Initial Release-1-0 16 MB
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