Bigger Taller Morgan V1.0

Bigger Taller Morgan V1.0

Gives Arthur Morgan slightly larger muscles and increases height.

Arthur Morgan’s legs, upper arms, forearms, traps, and shoulder muscles are a little bit bigger with this mod. Just enough to give our Boah that “Farm strong” look. He’s also about the same, probably a little taller than Dutch. As the “big guy” of the gang, that’s how it should be-Looking at YOU, Rockstar. -_-

**For a bigger, taller Morgan:
1. Place the .asi file in your root folder (the one with RDR2.exe).
2. Place the .ymt file in your LML>Stream folder. If you do not have a “Stream” folder, just make a new folder in your LML folder called “Stream”.

**For just a taller Morgan:
Use only the .ymt file

**For just a more muscular Morgan:
Use only the .asi file

**Known problems that I cannot fix:

1. Every so often, something Arthur picks up won’t line up right. I’ve only noticed this with dominos and chips with card playing. Card playing is okay as far as I can tell. The chips may not line up when Arthur is moving them around on the table but you can change your camera angle if it really bothers you. I haven’t seen anything wrong with fighting or weapons. This is due to the adjusted height.

2. The height does not seem to cross into cutscenes. Bummer, I know but I can’t do anything about that. The muscles seem to though. When coming out of a cutscene, you might notice Arthur suddenly grows back to the modded, taller playing height.

3. This is still kind of beta. I haven’t played with the mod long enough to know how weight changes affect it but it should be just fine. If you get him fat, maybe he’ll look like a corn fed boah? Dunno. Let me know about any problems and I assure you, I’ll probably be as confused as you are.



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