Blackwater Terrain Textures Overhaul V1.1

Blackwater Terrain Textures Overhaul

This mod is a continuation of the awesome Terrain Textures Overhaul mod by nigeez. His mod replaces textures almost everywhere, but does not cover the city of Blackwater, Great Plains, Tall Trees and the whole new austin with all its towns. So my mod replaces the terrain textures in Blackwater and partially Great Plains. My next idea is to replace terrain textures in New Austin or at least only in two towns: Tumbleweed and Armadillo.

Textures info:
Textures are made trying match the vanilla look but still improve on the quality. This is not an upscale.
Mod contains abte, al, nm textures in 2k resolution, ma textures in 1k and 2k resolution.


Terrain Textures Overhaul
– compatible, it doesn’t has any archive that replaces my mod.

Upscaled Terrain
– this mod has a couple archives that are in my mod, so just let my mod overwrite it.

And all ymap Blackwater mods are also compatible

Lenny’s Mod Loader

Drop the mod folder into the lml folder.

Known issues:
▫ The texture of the grass looks weird, kind of stretched out if the camera or character is in the distance. I can’t do anything about it, because the vanilla texture has same problem. It looks like Rockstar messed up with a particular terrain.
▫ Some textures may overlap, I will try to fix this in the future.



Download mod

File File size
rar Blackwater Terrain Textures Overhaul--1-1 1 GB
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