Captain Monroe Blue Uniform and Correct Rank V2.0

Captain Monroe Blue Uniform and Correct Rank V2.0

An updated version of my original Captain Monroe correct insignia mod now with multiple optional clothing options!

Replaces Captain Monroe’s 1884 uniform + Sky Blue Infantry Second Lieutenants shoulder boards with a Blue Cavalry Captain’s version. Optional trouser colors from the type period that I included in the mod however not limited to are: Default – Sky Blue, Khaki, Medium Blue, Dark Blue, and Nutmeg Khaki.

Drag the Captain Monroe Realistic Blues Army Uniforms V2 folder into the LML folder located inside your rdr2 directory. If you have the Realistic Blues Uniform Mod V2 you can just move the cs_captainmonroe.ymt into the streaming folder of that mod or just leave it in its own folder like it is here.



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