Clean Union Suits and Black Suspenders and John’s Satchel for Arthur plus Bonus V1.0

Clean Union Suits and Black Suspenders and John's Satchel for Arthur plus Bonus

Simple texture mod that cleans up the union suits, adds black suspenders to the catalog, lets Arthur use John’s satchel and a bonus

I was messing around with the union suit and unsatisfied with just how dirty it looked, so I found a solution to this that was admittedly pretty simple. I wanted to release this here so others could enjoy it, alongside some other clothing related stuff I’d been working on.

The black suspenders can be bought at any general store under the cotton suspenders section and the satchel will simply replace Arthur’s satchel model. Enjoy!

Mod should be compatible with any mod that doesn’t edit these textures and should be bug free

Drop the files in LML > Stream

No Dual Wielding 2.1 – No Off Hand Holster 2.2 – Required for the
Lenny’s Mod Loader – Must have
Scripthook RDR2 – Needed for LML



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