So I got tired of being unable to mod donkeys. Rockstar decided to dump them with other animals instead of horses, so they can’t be properly modded. This is my attempt at modeling and retexturing donkeys from scratch. They can be stabled; they have donkey sounds and all. For the mohawk, you need to go to a stable and put it yourself; sadly, the code for mohawks is lost, so I can’t place it beforehand. They replace the andalusians.
I will add more coats and patterns, maybe more models for mammoth donkeys and smaller donks.

1- Download and install the required mods.
Asi Loader
Lenny’s Mod Loader
Script Hook

2- Once you have properly installed Lenny’s Mod Loader in your main RDR2 directory, where your .exe is (should be something like Program Files/Rockstar Games/Red Dead Redemption 2 in whatever disk you installed the game), create a folder inside “lml” folder and name it “stream”, then drop my files in your directory.


How do I install it?
For real, there’s an exclusive and detailed guide just above.

My modded donkey is invisible.
This can happen with online-based coats. Lacking the latest version.dll from ASI Loader is the cause, and this can happen if you install other mods that overwrite version.dll or forget about dropping it in your directory.

Is It compatible with the Complete Horse Overhaul?
They replace the Andalusians, so that’s where it’ll conflict, but I’ll include them in the next update too, and they will be fully compatible.

My game crashes.
It can be for many reasons but make sure you installed everything properly and you haven’t put any folders where you shouldn’t. Also, make sure you don’t have both dinput8.dll and version.dll; it conflicts and can cause problems.
Please, DO NOT edit my files to reupload without permission, and DO NOT upload them to other sites. You absolutely CAN tamper with them for personal use, have fun with them.



Download mod

File File size
rar Donkeys 5 MB
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