French-Italian Spotted Draft – Community Horse Breed V1.0

French-Italian Spotted Draft - Community Horse Breed

Tired of the usual horse breeds? You may need something brand new! Try the newly developed, fan made, breed: The French-Italian Spotted Draft.

The idea came way back in January: I didn’t want to simply remake an irl horse breed, I wanted something brand new.
A new horse breed. To make it, I decided to involve the community.
With the help of a 3 part event in my Discord server, my community and I developed the French-Italian Spotted Draft.
How did we do it? Well, my community chose starting and added bloodlines and the name of the breed. I did the rest.
As starting bloodline, my community almost unanimously decided for the Ardennes. As added bloodlines, Knabstrupper and Maremmano were chosen. These lines created a Drafty-looking but elegant horse which can come in a wide amount of colors.

You can read more about this newly developed breed in the next section of the description.

How is the mod structured?
Similarly to my other mod “Rea’s Missouri Fox Trotters”, this mod is divided in sections (or packs),
following the patterns, dilutions and modifiers that can be found in the breed.
The “Leopard Spotting” also constitutes a macro-section which can be downloaded all together in Miscellaneous.

The files have been numbered to follow the order of the sections in the images. The numbers have no other purpose so, ignore them.

Instructions, info about the colors/patterns, replaced horses and textures are in the “Read Me” text file.

All these coats are custom made by me, also, the textures will never overlap.
This means you could potentially use all these horses at the same time!


General Description
The French-Italian Spotted Draft is a recently developed breed. Combining the strenght of the Ardennais, the ancient Etruscan blood of the Maremmano and the colors of the Knabstrupper a powerful and elegant horse is created. This horse is extremely resilient and versatile and is particularly appreciated for its Spotted coats.
Breeders aimed at a light draft horse that looked strong but could adapt at any kind of task and that could be easy to keep.
With this in mind, many Ardennes mares were bred to Maremmano stallions. After the first generation of foals was born, Knabstrupper blood was added for the sole reasons of bringing the spotted color into the breed and giving it a more “warmblood” conformation. The breed was immediately recognized as “French-Italian Spotted Draft” (“French” due to the Ardennes’ blood, “Italian” because of the Maremmano’s and “Spotted” because of the Knabstrup’s).

Physical Conformation
It generally stands between 1.55 and 1.65 meters (15,2-16,2 h) at the withers and weights around 500 kilograms.
Conformation is a perfect balance of warmblood and draft body types.
The body is muscular and lean, the legs are short but powerful, ending in well-built, sturdy hooves. It always shows feathering. The head is big with a relatively narrow forehead. The profile is always straight or slightly concave. The ears are small and long. Neck is very thick, strong and well attached to a short chest. The back is naturally slightly arched, due to the pronounced withers. The tail is set low.

It can come in a vast variety of colors. The most common are Bay, Seal Brown, Roan, Leopard and Black.
The Chestnut base color is rare due to the influence of the Maremmano stallions, which are never Chestnut.
It can also be Buckskin and, very rarely, Palomino but Perlino individuals are especially rare. The Cremello color is the rarest of the breed, closely followed by the Silver Dapple. The Pangaré and Flaxen traits are also present, although both quite uncommon.
It is never Grey, Champagne nor any other kind of Pinto pattern other than Leopard Spotting.
It never shows too wide facial markings and almost never has socks.

Character & Uses
Generally calm and sociable, it can also be very intelligent and independent.
It is an easy-keeper given its incredible resilience to hunger and thirst, trait inherited from the Maremmano.
Due to its incredible stability and personality, it is the perfect horse for almost any task, excelling in light draft work. It can also be a great companion for long journeys. In the USA, It is vastly used as a saddle horse but is also used for farm and cattle work.

To make this mod work, you simply need to download three things:

Script Hook
Lenny’s Mod Loader (LML)
Asi Loader

After you have successfully downloaded them, extract them (if you don’t have any app to extract them, be sure to download WinRAR or another similar application that can open .rar files) and then open ScriptHook folder: place ScriptHook.dll in your RDR2 directory*;
Open LML folder and place everything you find inside the ModLoader folder into your RDR2 directory;
As for Asi loader, just place version.dll into your directory.

After you’re done installing the tools needed to make this mod work, you can choose your favourite pack to download,
then simply follow the instructions inside the “Read Me” file.



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