Haflinger Horse Breed V1.0

Haflinger Horse Breed V1.0


Here’s a another very famous and loved breed of horse: the Haflinger! Obviously, I couldn’t be too creative with the coats as this breed only comes in the flaxen chestnut color, BUT, I did my very best making as many variations of chestnut as possible! So, I made 5 coats and all of them are custom!
Since this breed is known to have two build types, a sport one and a draft one, I decided to make two models for it! Of course one being the Sport Type, and the other being the Draft Type! The difference is pretty evident: the Draft Type is heavier, with more muscles and a smaller muzzle, bigger legs and feet; the Sport Type is lighter, with more sinuous features and a longer mane. Each coat file contains both build types.

Be sure to install the textures (.ytd files) first, then choose which body type you’d like to install and then place the .ymt file you’ll find inside the folder in your stream folder.

Discover the Haflinger horse breed

if you’re new to modding, please read all the next sections carefully.

First things first, you need to install some things to make these coats work for your game:

Script Hook: be sure to install the latest version available. After you have installed it, put ScriptHook.dll in your RDR2 directory. If you’re using Steam Launcher, your directory should be somewhere around here = This Pc/Local Disc (C:)/Programs (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Red Dead Redemption 2;
Lenny’s Mod Loader (LML): now copy everything inside the ModLoader folder and paste it into your RDR2 directory. You should now see the famous “lml” folder we’ll be using later, and also be sure to read the read me file inside the downloaded folder of the mod;
Asi Loader: just place the file and version.dll into your directory. This will make Online assets and textures work in story mode.

After you’ve done all of this, open the “lml” folder and create a new folder and name it “stream”. You will place all the .ymt and .ytd files here.
If everything was done correctly, all the coats should work successfully.
If not, you probably did something wrong, in this case just repeat all the steps carefully;
If you can see some coats but some others are invisible or partially visible, you just forgot to place version.dll in your directory folder.
If everything was done correctly but the coats don’t work:
-Your game may not be updated to the latest version or your Script Hook may be outdated (in this case your game will probably refuse to open)
-If your game is cracked and mods don’t work, I can’t really do anything for you (and honestly shame on you, rdr2 is such a beautiful game, just buy it while it is in discount).



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