Historically Accurate Appaloosa Models

Historically Accurate Appaloosa Models

I wasn’t really satisfied with the in-game Appaloosa model’s historical accuracy so I decided to change it to be smaller and stockier like most Appaloosas were in the 1800’s. 

What does this mod do?
This mod changes the model for all Appaloosas in the game: This includes gang Appaloosas, the Murfree Appaloosa, and even the elusive Snowflake Appaloosa (you’ll need to use Rampage to spawn that horse in). It also removes Nell IV’s mustache because while horses do occasionally grow mustaches in real life, it would be extremely rare for an Appaloosa to have a mustache.

How do I install this mod?
Download Lenny’s Mod Loader and head to your Red Dead Redemption 2 directory (the folder with the RDR2.exe) and drop the files in lml > stream and it should work. Assuming everything was done correctly, all Appaloosas should start appearing with the new models instead of the old ones.



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