Jason Voorhees Collection – Friday The 13th V1.0

Jason Voorhees Collection - Friday The 13th V1.0

Recreates and ports some of Jasons outfits from Friday The 13th

Currently includes:
Reboot Sack and Hockey
Ghost Jason
Freddy VS Jason
Part 6
Part 2
Part 4
Part 8
Deluxe Red Striped Roy Burns

To spawn Jason enter in custom entry for ped spawning or model changer in rampage “Jason”

This mod was primarily a test of the new .YDD support related things, this mod utilizes the mask part of it and soon enough every single part.


Manyou - For being the main ped developer of this
Gre Chan For making the model actually work properly
TwinkieSnake – For his pictures and development on upcoming Part 3 Jason
Sir Joseph – For being helpful and giving some of the best opinions.

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