Marlboro Cigarette Re-Texture V1.0

Marlboro Cigarette Re-Texture V1.0

Replaces In-Game Cigarettes with Modern Marlboros

This mod was inspired by Tarantino Red Apple Cigarettes by bigchunkusamogus

Does what the titles says, replaces cigarette boxes + individual cigarettes to be Marlboro Branded
I also upscaled the shelf/boxes the cigs sit on, just makes it look a bit nicer.
I added a Marlboro stamp to the wood box too but I think its on the bottom so you cant see it

the textures aint perfect, there’s a little clipping/overlap on parts, you can see it in the screenshots. It’s pretty hard to line up geometric shapes with no guide lol

to install drop lml in your main game folder



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7z Marlboro Cigarette Re-Texture-1-0 7 MB
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