NCR Trooper Uniform V1.0

NCR Trooper Uniform V1.0

Troopers are volunteer and conscripted forces in the NCR’s military.

Join the NCR army. Fight back against Caesar, protect the dam, Spend all the money on the Strip

Please read:
This mod replaces clothes with NCR trooper armor:

Buttoned Flannel shirt with sleeves for upper body armor (one of Jonh’s shirts)
Ugly untucked town pants for NCR trooper pants (you can find it at the tailor in Saint-Denis)
Sportsman’s Boots for NCR trooper boots (you can find it at the tailor in Saint-Denis)
Bison Horn Talisman for NCR trooper gear (just craft it)

Maybe in future:
Better textures
Better UVs
More variations of uniform
NCR trooper helmet and gloves
Less clipping with vanilla parts

The whole set of clothes works well with vanilla Arthur and John at any weight. Also, the Upper NCR Trooper armor should work almost good with many vanilla pants with perfect weight John

Known issues:
Inverted NM because CodeX import issue


Requires: LML


ToastyFresh and neStrong-mitsuwushi-gre_chan

Download mod

File File size
rar NCR Trooper uniform-1-0 68 MB
rar NCR Trooper uniform Uncompessed-1-0 148 MB
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