Realistic Army Uniforms V2 – Blue

Realistic Army Uniforms V2 - Blue

Changes the current army peds to ones that appear much more realistic with also optional different trouser colors!

The long awaited Blue version of my Realistic Uniforms Mod V2 is finally here! If you would like different trouser colors you can download them in the Optional Files section. Trouser colors from the type period that I included in the mod however not limited to are: Default – Sky Blue, Khaki, Medium Blue, Dark Blue, and Nutmeg Khaki.

Drag the Realistic Blues Army Uniforms V2 folder into the LML folder located inside your rdr2 directory. Alternatively you can move the contents of Realistic Blues Army Uniforms V2 folder into the stream folder inside LML but I recommend the aforementioned installation method.

The rank insignia’s you may see on some of the soldiers are (in order by rank) Also I used the actual ranks and insignias that existed at that time.
Private (No insignia)
Lance Corporal
First Sergeant
Battalion Sergeant Major
Chief Trumpeter
Regimental Sergeant Major
Second Lieutenant
First Lieutenant
(Note the higher the rank the less of those peds exist)



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