Realistic Horse Eyes V1.0

Realistic Horse Eyes V1.0

All I knew is that something was missing, I just couldn’t figure just what.. until I dug my head into the textures further and realised; the eyes could use some work.

So that’s what I did, I went ahead and replaced, recolored and upscaled the eyes of the horses, to make them look as “real” as possible.
Who knew something so small could make such a big difference? I feel like it breathes whole new life into the horses,
but that might just be me xD

These eyes do not just replace the vanilla ones, you’re able to change horses eyes individually!
While obviously, the blue and brown ones I’ve chosen as default will be the standard of all npc horses as per usual, and any horse you don’t change yourself in the .ymt file, the ones you install via LML, you have complete control over.

With this pack, there are a total of 42 types to choose from! And it’s not only about the color here, I also wanted to implement a bit of realism, as showing/non showing whites. I also changed the placement as well, in my opinion it looks less awkward with them more side-eyed than pointing straight forward. I will probably update with more colors/styles later on, but for now, I think this is a great amount already xD

Any other mod using assets_albedo.ymt will conflict with this mod. I made this compatible with Whyems+EEE merge, since it’s a must have for me. It will NOT work with the standalone version of Whyem’s DLC!

You have 13 Natural Shades to choose from.
You have 30 fantasy-oriented shades to choose from. Thought this would be perfect especially now when Halloween is around the corner… Can’t wait to see what you creative photographers come up with!

Place the MDBranth’s Horses folder directly into lml. If you already have the folder, overwrite the old install.xml when prompted. Carefully read/watch the guide for the installation!

Alexander Blade’s Scripthook
Asi Loader



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