Remastered Gang Horses V1.32

Remastered Gang Horses V1.32

Remastered Gang Horses or otherwise just slightly altered gang horses, mainly made for my personal preferences. Most of these are small changes to complete redesigns.

I have plans to do Nell IV, Hera, Karen’s horse, Kieran’s horse and Buell but for the mean time, here’s the ones I’ve completed so far.

This will more than likely be the only mod I release since I am doing these mainly for fun and for personal usage, but I decided I may as well post these for people to enjoy. Since I’m fairly new to modding RDR2 (and in general), expect small clips of the textures or minor bugs (feel free to notify me when/if they are present).

These are mainly small tweaks, redesigns or slight alterations to the existing gang horses or complete remakes. I plan to remake/tweak all unique horses in the game (as in, named horses. The horses of Gang members and characters such as the veteran or eagleflies.) Mainly I’m doing this since some of the gang/unique horses in RDR2 I just do not really like or I want to make them look more distinct and fitting to that character, since that seems to be the intention with the designs (mostly) from the start.

Arthur’s Recreated Beta Horse
Ennis, Sean’s Horse.
The Count, Dutch’s Horse.
Baylock, Micah’s Horse.
Bob, Sadie’s Horse.
Boaz, Javier’s Horse.
Falmouth, Charles’s 1907 Horse.
Taima, Charles’s horse.
Maggie, Lenny’s Horse.
Gwydion, Trelawny’s horse.
Brown Jack, Bill’s horse.
Old Boy, John’s Horse.

Nell IV, Uncle’s 1907 Horse.
Hera, Sadie’s 1907 Horse.
Rachel, John’s 1907 Horse.
Buell, Veteran/Player’s Horse.
Eagleflies’s unnamed horse.
Old Belle, Karen’s Horse.
Branwen, Kieran’s Horse.

None of these coats should merge with eachother or non-online horses, since all files are overwrite online horses. If this occurs with other mods, this is due to conflicting files, simply remove files sharing the same name and the problem should be solved.
Install Guide
– NOTE: You will need asi loader in order for some of the manes to show up, without it this may cause them to be bugged/invisible.



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