Scarlet Ladies V1.0

Scarlet Ladies V0.2

A unique mod that makes the wild wild west more spicy and bare. Van Der Linde ladies and eventually all the ladies in the west.

Before you proceed, do note that this is a nude mod that contains NUDITY & not suitable for ages 18 & below. If you think this is inappropriate, please leave this page & BLOCK ADULT CONTENT from your preferences. Unnecessary comments & trolling not allowed.

This mod is meant to be played OFFLINE ONLY. Please do not use this mod if you’re playing ONLINE. I am not responsible if you get banned from online playing if you used this mod or other mods online.

This mod will make the ladies in Arthur’s adventures in the wild wild west naked. Some will be fully naked but some will still wear their accessories(boots, gloves, necklace, etc) on their body.
For now only the ladies from the Van Der Linde Gang will be naked. I will add more ladies in the later updates. List of ladies included in the mod below.

Scarlet Ladies
Ladies from the Van Der Linde Gang
Bathing Ladies & Prostitutes

Main Quest Story Ladies
Side Quest Ladies
Ambient Ladies
Random Encounter Ladies

As all my other mods, this mod does not completely remove all the female’s clothes, instead, some, if not, most of them will still have their hats, skirt, gloves, necklace, rings & shoes. Why not just make them fully nude you ask? Because it’ll be boring & bland.
Ladies still needs their fashion styles!
If you want fully nude, this is not the droid mod you’re looking for.

You need Lenny’s Mod Loader for this mod to work!
Please install one MAIN FILE only.
Extract all the mod file zip contents into the LML folder. Enjoy!

Delete all the files from the old version or main file first.
Do not merge/overwrite new with old/other main files! especially METAPEDS.YMT.

Lenny’s Mod Loader
Script Hook RDR2 V1.0.1436.31
Version.dll from Lenny’s Simple Trainer Version 14.1 (Not the latest updated version) – Just extract version.dll only to game root directory.





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4 Comments on “Scarlet Ladies V1.0”

  1. This is just like QwardNaffle’s mods. No wonder they removed it from Nexus. The same here, someone just slapped the naked woman’s body on a bunch of women and didn’t put in a skeleton or anything. No bone weights. So how are screenshots taken? XNALara, Blender or Poser? The naked meshes are static in game. Women cannot pose whatsoever without ridiculous warping limbs. It’s 2023 and still no working nude mods for RDR2. All I want is a nudist experience. What an extreme disappointment.

  2. im so surprised there isnt a mod for nude Ambient Ladies yet. its looking like this will be the first one when that feature eventually comes out

  3. this was hillarious but im going to try to get rid of it because i dont want the only state of these characters to be nude. If someone created something like this that had default state normal (clothed) and would allow people to (via wardrobe modification in trainers like jedi or rampage) be able to manually adjust a character to nude after they are spawned it would be really useful. The vanderling ladys have gumby arms and their heads roll off their bodies and its kinda funny but annoying all at once, some of the others like bathing ladys do the same thing. if you try this out heres a tip i wish i followed: make a copy of lml/replace/update_4 <— put it somewhere you can just delete these changes so you can copy it back (if you have a pre-existing update_4 in there – could be some other damage mods like pdo or a number of realistic fighting ones etc that made one already. After installing it it crashes my game when i go near valentine (and likely other places). Its probably something i did wrong but i see the author does say it will conflict so its not their fault – just something that can cause issues so look to see if you have that replace folder in lml ahead of time. If this cant be used for you and you really need to see nipples then theres always the sword dancer who can have shirt removed and the base texture in the game will show very dark ones – but its better than nothing.

    1. Dude I did something like this trick and it works, All the deformation was gone but I forgot how I did that lol but it was similar that you told there was one issue that if I am putting gang members name in stream folder it was spawning gang members in to prostitute place like Abigil robert in saloon as prostitute so I delete it and messed up I was that setting back I forgot how I did it can you help?

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