Senor Andreas Colon Restored V1.0

Senor Andreas Colon Restored V1.0

About The Mod
I’ve been working on this restoration for a few months now, and I’m finally to a point where I feel mostly satisfied with it. I managed to use all of Senor Andreas Colon’s leftover assets in this restoration, so it should be relatively accurate to how he was intended to appear.

Who The Hell is Senor Andreas Colon?
Colon was a stranger you could meet on Guarma in the beta who gave out five missions to Arthur and/or John. Not much is known about him aside from animations of him sitting at a table with various objects such as wine, beer, an opium pipe, a camera, a stamp, as well as him sitting on the beach with a notebook and pencil before getting on a boat and pointing. There’s also a treasure map linked to him, though it seems to have been deleted from the game.

What does the mod do?
This mod adds in Senor Andreas Colon as a PED which you can spawn in through a trainer, but it also replaces the Guarma ship captain with Colon.

How do I merge this with mods that edit metapeds/assets_drawable?
If you want to merge this mod with another mod that edits assets_drawable, you’ll need to copy Colon’s hat entry and paste it over the entry in the other mod. If you’re looking to merge this with a mod that edits metapeds, copy/paste Colon’s entry into the file and then for cs_beatenupcaptain paste that over the entry in the other file.

Drop the “Senor Andreas Colon” folder in your LML



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